Windigo stun MiBR at WESG World Finals

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon By Kamil Malinowski · Mar 15, 2019 12:51 AM · 


Photo via Windigo

Four more teams were eliminated after today’s matches at the WESG World Finals. While most of these results were expected, there was one big surprise.

The biggest shock of the day was Windigo’s unexpected triumph over MiBR. The Bulgarian squad was able to take out MiBR 2-1, securing impressive wins on Dust 2 and Overpass. Dust 2 showed Windigo’s outstanding resilience, after losing the first half 7:8 they were able to come back and win nine rounds in a row in the second half to win the map 16:8.

MiBR were able to recover on map two, however, winning both halves with 9:6 and 7:2 score lines to close out Train 16:8. The final map was a much closer affair, with both teams showing solid CT sides. Windigo were able to win their CT side 12:3, while MiBR were close to making a comeback, winning ten rounds before Windingo were able to find the last few rounds they needed, resulting in a 16:13 victory for the Bulgarians.

The two favorites of the tournament were able to play up to expectations, with both teams securing 2-0 victories. Reigning champions’ Fnatic were able to defeat OpTic Gaming on Mirage and Overpass—the Swedes were fiercely challenged on map one, but were able to close it out at the death with a score line of 16:14. Map two was much more convincing, however, as the Swedes were able to secure a comfortable 16:11 victory.

Meanwhile, G2 showed the most dominant performance of this playoffs stage, demolishing Absolute 16:1 on Dust 2, and following up with a solid 16:12 victory on Mirage. KennyS was once again leading the charge for his team, if he can keep up this level of play then there is no limit to how far G2 can go.

The remaining game of the day saw AGO take out Valiance 2-1. The Serbian squad were able to make an impressive comeback on Train, after being 6:9 down they were able to put up a rock solid CT side, winning the second half 10:4.

The Poles were able to pick up the tempo however, getting off to a solid 10:5 start on map two, before trading out rounds in the second half to secure a 16:12 victory on Inferno. The final map showed even more of the Polish team’s strength—they were able to win the first half of Dust 2 11:4, and quickly close out the map in with a 5:2 score line in the second half.

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