Riot to nerf player bounties in League 9.6

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 14 Mar 2019


Image via Riot Games

As if to atone for not nerfing Riven in the next patch, today balance team member Joshua “Jatt” Leesman took to Twitter once again to unveil a whole slew of changes to the bounty system coming to Patch 9.6.

As it is right now, bounties are comprised of four elements: base kill gold, kill streak gold, CS gold, and global bounty reduction (this is to help your team come back from behind). The new adjustments hope to add a degree of clarity for players while adding some new features for accuracy as well. Here’s what we’re getting in the new patch:

  • CS bounties reduced from 50 Bounty per 150g to 50 Bounty per 200g.
  • CS bounties will now decrease as you start to fall behind.
  • Bounties will now factor in gold generated by support items.
  • Team gold average will now account for support item gold.

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There will also be some quality of life revisions to the scoreboard:

“BASE VALUE :: Scoreboards and chat no longer include the 300 base kill gold.

FIRST BLOOD :: First blood gold is no longer added to bounty numbers if it hasn't occurred yet”

The most confusing aspect of bounties, from the players’ perspective, is how they are generated from CS advantages. You know that game where you were killing your lane opponent over and over, and then ten minutes later you checked the scoreboard and they have a 450g bounty? It sucks when that happens (for them), but Jatt clarified that bounties go to those on the enemy team who are more valuable, which doesn’t always mean more kills, and CS is the best way to generate gold.

It’s hard to tell based on numbers alone how much of an effect these changes will have once they go live, but Riot’s holistic approach to balancing champion bounties seems like a step in the right direction.

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