Blizzard devs respond to backlash over Baptiste's immortality ability

Overwatch's Icon Jess Simmonds · 14 Mar 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard announced yesterday that Overwatch’s newest hero, Baptiste, will be making his way to live servers (and console) on Monday, March 19, after spending about three weeks on the Public Test Realm.

Developers also answered any questions about Baptiste that fans may have in an official forum post from Blizzard. Not only did the company answer questions about Baptiste’s abilities and overall gameplay, but it also gave more detail about Baptiste’s lore and backstory.

Although we already knew a little bit about Baptiste’s backstory from the original reveal, players were given in-depth snippets of Baptiste’s lore in this Q&A. For example, developer Alyssa Wong confirmed that Captain Cuerva and his team (who featured in the original Baptiste teaser) disappeared on their mission to capture Baptiste, and are assumed killed in action. She also revealed that Baptiste and Sombra are still friends following their time together as part of Talon.

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Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

Developers also addressed criticism over Baptiste’s Immortality Field ability having too short of a cooldown period, as well as the field’s health being too high. Developer Josh Noh wrote, “The Immortality Field can be destroyed very quickly when multiple enemies are focusing it as it only has 250 health and doesn’t move.” He went on to say that the team will be keeping an eye on it and will lower the health or increase the cooldown time if it becomes a problem.

Josh Noh also confirmed that Baptiste’s Exo Boots will, in fact, be affected by Sombra’s hack ability/EMP when he comes to live servers, and the only reason they weren’t in PTR was because of a bug.

What else would you like Overwatch to reveal about Baptiste as he lands in live servers?

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