Valve reveals massive patch update for CS:GO

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Jamie Villanueva · 14 Mar 2019


Image via Valve

A brand new update just hit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and there's a lot for players to digest in this patch.

There are a few changes that are going to shift the meta massively: the adjustment of round loss bonuses, the price inflation of the AUG, and the addition of flashbang assists. Besides those adjustments, other smaller things added include a new cosmetic weapon collection called the Prisma Case and a few small map changes to Canals and Vertigo.

Full resets are now a thing of the past, meaning that winning and losing doesn't immediately put the enemy loss bonus back to $1,400. Valve did this with the goal of "reducing a negative feedback loop following streaks of losses." Now round loss bonuses are based on how many rounds a team loses.

So for example, losing three rounds in a row and winning one decreases your round loss bonus number to two if you were to lose the subsequent round. The loss number tiers are still the same, but Valve essentially just removed resets to prevent one-sided games. The round loss bonus tiers are shown below.

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  • With 0 Losses: $1400
  • With 1 Loss: $1900
  • With 2 Losses: $2400
  • With 3 Losses: $2900
  • With 4+ Losses: $3400

Additionally, the AUG CT rifle's price is now back to $3,300, after it stood at $3,150 for several months. At the recent IEM Katowice Major, players witnessed unprecedented AUG usage rates and more CT-sided maps as a result of the cheaper price. But nothing else about the AUG has changed in this update, besides maybe lower usage rates in the future.

In addition to the AUG price change, the M4A1-S now contains 25 bullets in the magazine instead of 20 and 75 reserve ammo instead of 60. Shotguns also saw price reductions, with the Nova being moved down to $1,050, the Sawed-Off down to $1,100, and the Mag7 down to $1,300.

Flashbang assists were also introduced in this game's update, and this means that players can see whether their flashbang affected another player at some point in the round. The only problem, however, is that it won't show because a damage assist (more than 40 damage) takes higher priority in the kill feed.

To see the full patch notes for yourself, check out Valve's latest blog.

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