The Baller, big tournament updates, and vending machines hit Fortnite today

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Fortnite Patch 8.10 is live, and it’s packed with a ton of new and exciting changes. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the three most important features of the patch—the Baller, the Vending Machine change, and the Tournament Update.


Image via Epic Games

A new vehicle called the Baller is quite literally rolling into Fortnite. It’s a single-seat ball that has a grappler attached to it and allows you to roll around at record speeds. Before you try it out though, you need to know how the grappler works. It doesn’t propel you forward like the grappler we all know and love, it serves as an anchor point to boost from. The Baller also has 300 health, which is awesome for rotating around safely. Overall, the Baller is a solid vehicle because it has a clear purpose, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

Tournament Update

The solo and duo gauntlet is coming back for the entire week! It was a huge success all around because it gave hardcore players a place to play competitively, which also gave casual players a safe haven in the default playlists. The point system has been tweaked this time around for duo specifically, but the event will be the exact same for the most part.

Vending Machines

Image via Epic Games.

Vending Machines have been changed in a major way. The three changes include a completely removed material cost, the vending machine is now consumed on use, and common and uncommon vending machines have been removed as well. This means that you can potentially drop and find a gold pump (or anything else) for free. Familiarize yourself with vending machine spawns if you like free items, and you should definitely like free items.

Head into your next game to find a Baller, cash out a vending machine, or test your skills in the tournaments. No matter what you choose to do, don’t forget to thank the bus driver!


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