Tinny released from FlyQuest, ex-girlfriend doubles down on abuse allegations

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Screenshot via Tinny on Twitch

FlyQuest have released Fortnite professional Tinny after his ex-girlfriend went public with evidence of their abusive relationship in a series of tweets on Saturday. After the British player announced his intent to pursue legal action against his ex in an Instagram post, she posted an update today maintaining the veracity of her story and stating that she is unwilling to back down.

Tinny’s ex, who goes by @KilluaKill on Twitter, posted an extended statement regarding her relationship with Tinny on Saturday.

“He was disgustingly abusive, both physically and mentally, but I couldn’t leave... I was blinded by love,” wrote Killua.

After posting her statement, Killua released a number of videos containing audio recordings of her arguments with Tinny. In the videos, Tinny can be heard lambasting Killua with verbally abusive language.

In response to the uproar surrounding Killua’s revelations, FlyQuest tweeted that the organization was looking into the allegations; yesterday, the org announced that both it and Tinny had “decided it was in [their] best interests to part ways.” Tinny has since deleted his Twitter account.

After he took first place at the Week Three iteration of UMG’s Legion Sunday Showdown tournament last October, Tinny’s results began a gradual decline, and the Fortnite pro has entered few organized tournaments this year. The British player joined FlyQuest’s roster on August 13, 2018.

“I have enough evidence that this man could face a prison sentence,” tweeted Killua earlier today, “so I’m going to be strong and not let him bully me into silence again.”


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