RNG is really, really good at beating undefeated teams in the LPL

League of Legends's Icon Michael Hassall · 6 Mar 2019


LPL powerhouse FunPlus Phoenix was flying high this season—until today’s clash with Royal Never Give Up, that is. The former Worlds semi-finalists dashed any hopes of a flawless season for FPX, ending their eight-week winning streak in dramatic style.

FPX had made it undefeated in best of threes through over half the LPL Spring split, only dropping four games over the past nine weeks of play. With that kind of success, most fans assumed this bout against RNG would result in another win. Those people were wrong.

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RNG definitely wasn’t about to let anyone go undefeated on their watch, outplaying FPX in an intense series and coming back from an 0-1 deficit to end on a 2-1 win. Most impressively, they did it by taking the fight straight to FPX’s carries, with plays like this dramatic dive against Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang coming just four minutes into the first game.

RNG does have some pedigree when it comes to destroying the hopes of undefeated teams. Invictus Gaming’s incredible 2018 run began with a loss to them, before finishing the regular season with an 18-1 record. They finished the spring split in second place after a loss in the finals again to RNG. That year, Invictus also recorded another 18-1 record during the summer split, with their only loss to, you guessed it, RNG.

It seems as long as RNG exists, there will be no undefeated teams in the LPL.

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