Dota Auto Chess developers tease mobile release

Dota 2's Icon Alexander Lee · 4 Mar 2019


Image via Valve

Dota Auto Chess has been experiencing massive growth over the last few weeks. Last week, the Dota 2 modification reached a whopping 5 million subscribers, attracting Valve’s interest for a potential acquisition and leading companies such as Tencent to file trademark applications for “Auto Chess.” And according to the game’s developers, Drodo Studios, Dota Auto Chess may soon be available for use on mobile devices.

With player counts nearing 5.5 million, Drodo Studios has posted an image of its avian mascot holding a mobile phone in its beak, captioned “Coming Soon” in Chinese. Though the company has not yet made an official announcement, the release of this image all but guarantees that a mobile edition of Dota Auto Chess is in the works.

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A number of Dota Auto Chess knockoffs have already appeared on mobile, such as The Field of Gods: Three Realms, which was removed from app stores following its Chinese release earlier this month due to widespread criticism over its derivative nature and buggy gameplay.

At the moment, there is no official way to play Dota 2 on mobile devices; however, a number of apps, such as Remotr, allow players to use their phones to remotely control desktop games. Apps like these could probably be retooled for use with Dota Auto Chess, but an official mobile version of the strategy game would be even better.

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