Tweek shoots for a last-second spot at Smash Ultimate Summit

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Alexander Lee · 1 Mar 2019


Screenshot via Tweek's Twitch channel

After hitting a subscriber goal to attend the event, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey will be competing at Ultimate Nimbus this weekend, the last-chance qualifier for next weekend’s Smash Ultimate Summit.

Shortly after Beyond the Summit left Tweek off of the Ultimate Summit’s list of automatically invited players, the he began to distinguish himself as a contender for Ultimate’s first No. 1 ranking. He won early events such as Let’s Make Moves and Glitch 6. He controversially declined to put effort into a campaign during the event’s voting round, claiming that he’d rather focus on himself as a player rather than as a personality or entertainer.

The Southern California event will not be a cakewalk for Tweek, as a number of other contenders for the last Summit spot will be in attendance. Most notably, Paris “Light” Ramirez and Eric “ESAM” Lew, who have both scored set wins over Tweek in Ultimate, will also be flying out to Los Angeles for their shot at a Summit berth.

The potential absence of a recent major champion from the Smash Ultimate Summit would remove a modicum of prestige from the event, the third Ultimate major whose results will be considered for the Panda Global Rankings Ultimate. Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez, Tweek’s biggest rival for the No. 1 ranking, will likely be the top seed at the Summit—unless Tweek can overcome ESAM and Light and clinch that final spot.

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