Almost 15,000 teams already applied to the WoW Mythic Dungeon International

World of Warcraft's Icon Alexander Lee · 1 Mar 2019


The online qualifier for World of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International has only been open for three days—and 14,894 teams have already qualified for the leaderboard by completing at least one dungeon at Keystone level 14 or higher, according to tracking website

The qualifier, known as Proving Grounds, opened on Feb. 26 and will remain open until March 12. At the end of that period, all teams that have completed five level-14 dungeons will be granted access to the Tournament Realm, where they will be allowed to submit Time Trial results every week.

To complicate things, different “affixes,” or factors that alter gameplay, are applied to the game every week. This week, the affixes include “Skittish,” which causes tanks to generate 75-percent less threat, and “Bursting,” which causes all mobs to spread negative modifiers among players by exploding when they die. Throughout the season, all advanced dungeons will have the “Reaping” affix, which causes monsters to automatically resurrect themselves five times during the dungeon.

Last year, more than 2,000 teams qualified for the Mythic Dungeon Invitational; after two days, 89 teams have already qualified this year, but it’s likely that this number will increase exponentially as the deadline grows closer.

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