Fortnite Season 8 launches—new locations, weapons, and pirate booty

By Michael Hassall ·


Fortnite Season Eight has erupted onto the scene with a brand new volcano, a host of pirate booty, and of course, new skins, pets, and wraps.

The aforementioned volcano is the biggest change, adding in a river of lava that flows from its side and damaging any player unfortunate enough to fall into it, helpful thermal vents to boost you to new heights, and a series of rope slides to help you navigate the area.

Alongside these changes is the addition of the pirate theme. This comes complete with the new Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps areas, a series of hidden chests and buccaneer hideouts, and the brand new Pirate Cannon—an artillery style weapon capable of launching both cannonballs and players across the map.

The progression system has also been augmented by a new party assist function, which means your squadmates can help you out with challenges. While playing with friends was always the best way to enjoy Fortnite, this new feature solidifies that, helping you gain XP and battle pass tiers much quicker.

Notable absences include The Block, which seems have been leveled by seismic activity, and the removal of shopping carts, the X-4 Stormwing, and All Terrain Kart.

Apex Legends and Black Ops 4 Blackout are hot on Fortnite’s heels, fighting it out for the top spot in the battle royale market. Exciting changes like these though, have the potential to bring lapsed players back, and keep current players interested. For more info on all these new features, see the full breakdown of the patch here.


Michael Hassall

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