Baptiste's PTR ability list features AoE death prevention, rocket-powered boots, and more

Overwatch's Icon By Jess Simmonds · Feb 26, 2019 11:04 PM · 


Overwatch’s elusive new support character, Baptiste, has finally made it to the public test realm. We first saw Baptiste in the teaser report written by the Talon agents that were after the runaway combat medic, and yesterday, his origin story was revealed.

From his previous appearances in Overwatch lore, fans could already assume that Baptiste not only has exceptional medical skills, but is also an expert at dealing damage and a perfect shot. This was confirmed today when the Overwatch team shared a video showcasing Baptiste’s abilities.

Although his origin story may suggest otherwise, Baptiste’s abilities are those of a fairly classic support hero, just with a slightly more aggressive edge. His primary method of fire is the Medic SMG, which is a three-round-burst hitscan weapon (making Baptiste the first hitscan support healer in the game) that deals significant damage. Baptiste’s alternate fire is called the Biotic Launcher, which shoots projectiles that heal allies on impact. These do no damage on impact and they do not share ammo with the Medic SMG. Baptiste also has Exo Boots, which function as his passive ability. When crouching, he can charge a boost which launches him in the air. Blizzard have stated that this is intended to be used for map travel, not an escape from danger.

Baptiste also has Regenerative Burst as an active ability, which is fairly similar to Ana’s biotic grenade. When activated, this heals any nearby allies over time, and also heals Baptiste himself (unlike his Biotic Launcher). Allies will continue to heal even if they move out of the area of effect. Baptiste’s Immortality Field is a device which prevents allies within the area of effect from dropping below twenty percent health. Blizzard have stated that this stays in effect for about eight seconds at the moment, and it can be destroyed, much like Orisa’s supercharger. However, it is a powerful counter to Mercy’s Valkyrie, D.Va’s Self Destruct, and Junkrat’s RIP Tire.

Lastly, Baptiste’s ultimate is called the Amplification Matrix. When activated, Baptiste holds a small shielding device on his shoulder, which projects a window through which any ally fire will do double damage or healing. This means that many abilities, such as Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, will become a one-shot kill. This is not a shield, so enemies can still return fire, but will not do double damage.

Blizzard have stated that Baptiste is not intended to fit into the current meta, and they are instead excited to see where he fits into the game as a whole.

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