Dota Auto Chess receives new heroes and reporting feature in massive patch, which leads to Amaz getting banned

Hearthstone's Icon By Alexander Lee · Feb 26, 2019 7:42 PM · 


As Dota Auto Chess continues to grow in popularity, the Dota 2 modification has received its biggest and most wide-ranging gameplay update so far. Three new pieces have been added to the game, along with a number of balance-oriented mechanical changes.

A recent tweet from Drodo Studio, the game’s developer, indicated that a single new piece (or “hero”) would be coming to the game soon, making the addition of three new heroes a pleasant surprise.

The most notable new addition is Riki, the game’s first Satyr hero. Satyrs can take advantage of a new type of synergy buff: Concealment, which prevents other players from seeing the pieces lined up on a player’s bench. Other new pieces are Mirana, an Elf Hunter, and Death Prophet, an Undead Warlock.

To circumvent the increasing number of cheaters participating in Dota Auto Chess, the game’s developers have implemented new measures such as a gold-tracking function and a report button. Though these additions are indeed likely to reduce cheating, they still need to be tweaked, as they are currently vulnerable to abuse. After the report button was unveiled yesterday, popular Dota streamer Jason “Amaz” Chan was banned from Auto Chess thanks to the efforts of trolls acting in bad faith (he certainly wasn’t cheating).

Rumor has it that Valve is eyeing Dota Auto Chess for official development. If Drodo Studio continues to balance and fine-tune the game, this may soon become a reality.

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