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Day one of the StarLadder Major Challenger Stage has come to a close. Right off the bat we’ve received two massive upsets. We’ve also got a handful of comebacks and overtimes. Hopefully, the following days will be just as exciting as the very first day of the illustrious CSGO event in Berlin. Let’s talk about Vitality, North, Syman, G2, and TYLOO.

Vitality seem shaky, go 1-1

Coming into the New Challenger Stage as the #2 team in the world, Vitality were many people’s favorites to go straight through to the New Legends Stage with a nice 3-0 score. An incredible upset by Syman Gaming, the youngest team at the tournament, brought the French to their knees as they lost on Dust2 in helpless fashion.

Things seemed to turn around as Vitality faced INTZ, a team that North swept through with ease. The French were nearly able to replicate North’s performance as they crushed the Brazilian side on their counter-terrorist side 15-0, making it nearly a job done. However, a choke initiated as INTZ grabbed 9 in a row on ct-side of their own. Fortunately, Vitality finally closed things out with only one point scored on the terrorist side throughout the match. Despite the dominance, the French side’s trouble to close out the game earlier shows their lack of stability. We shall see how Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and co. fare in further games.

North look determined at StarLadder, go 2-0

The Danish team has seen some mixed opinions. Some consider them to be very strong; others say that their form is highly unstable. Today, North has done a fantastic job at getting closer to advancing to the New Legends stage after beating INTZ with ease. The Danes then faced the fearless Syman Gaming in a matchup that came way closer than it should have. It went all the way to 16-14, with North getting the final say in the matter. Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså may have won their side the game following an unreal 4K to guarantee match point.

Syman Gaming stun the crowd, go 1-1

The youngest team at the tournament ended up in many people’s 0-3 pick’em slot. Going up against the giants Vitality, the CIS team seemed to take on a “Let’s show them what we got,” attitude and rolled with it. Beating Vitality 16-8 on Dust2 was an impressive result in itself. The team also nearly overcame North. All eyes will be focused closely on the underdogs in the coming days.

G2 keep rolling at StarLadder, go 2-0

While G2’s nemesis Vitality struggled, the French side featuring Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is going strong with a 2-0 record at the Starladder Major so far. The French side was able to defeat TYLOO on Overpass with relative ease 16-10 before dealing with the CIS side DreamEaters. G2 proved that DreamEaters’ stride against NRG in the first rounds was novice’s luck and dealt with the underdogs in swift fashion 16-9. Richard “shox” Papillon looked electric while kennyS had a quiet game.

TYLOO struggle to take a stand, go 0-2

The only Asian team at this stage has failed to live up to fans’ expectations. With the team first surprising everyone at the FACEIT Major in 2018, the Chinese side has not been able to replicate that stride since then. TYLOO then failed to get out of the New Challengers stage with a 2-3 score. Will the Chinese side turn things around in the coming days, or is the StarLadder Major just not going to go their way?

What did you think of today’s matchups at the StarLadder Major? As always, follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news in CSGO as well as other major esports.