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Before every CSGO Major tournament, it is tradition that Valve release a set of stickers for the attending players and teams. The StarLadder Major in CSGO kicks off on Aug 23 with the Challenger stage, and the update is finally arriving a week before the start of the huge event.

In addition to the stickers, the event coin makes a return with the viewer pass. First unveiled during the Katowice Major this year, Valve has decided to continue implementing the upgrade-able event coin rather than returning to the previous trophy award. With the event coin comes a set of challenges and, of course, souvenir packages.

The Berlin viewer pass

The viewer pass for the StarLadder Major, like during the Katowice Major, can be obtained for $12.99 from the store. This grants the user the upgrade-able event coin, access to the pick’em challenge, an unlimited use team graffiti of your choice, and a team flair in the Steam chat.

The brand new upgrade-able Berlin event coin.

Each user that picks up the viewer pass can obtain up to three souvenir packages by completing certain challenges. Apart from making correct predictions in the pick’em challenge, a new addition to the challenges includes winning 10 rounds on certain competitive maps in CSGO. This will surely give a headache to some players, as they may not be adept at playing certain maps.

New souvenir packages.

A new addition to the viewer pass is the additional souvenir tokens that you can purchase on the top of the pass. Souvenir tokens are used to redeem souvenir packages. During the last Major, everyone could only obtain up to three. Now, Valve has made it possible to purchase additional souvenir tokens. That’s definitely good for YouTubers who want to make another crazy CSGO case opening video.

Team stickers and player autographs

The sticker capsules featuring team stickers and player autographs are divided into three: Minor, Returning, and Legends. The Minor stickers feature teams and players that qualified for the StarLadder Major through their respective regional Minor tournaments. Returning stickers focus on teams and players that made it to the New Legends stage of the previous Major, which happens to have been in Katowice. Meanwhile, the Legends capsules contain stickers of last Major’s playoff qualifiers.

Team stickers found in the Legends capsule.

If you want to really support your team, get yourself your favorite player’s or team’s sticker. 50% of all money spent goes towards supporting the organizations. What better way to show your support and help your beloved team and players in CSGO?

Which team will you support during the upcoming StarLadder Major? Let us know down in the comments below. And as always, follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news in CSGO as well as other major esports.