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During the Season 2022 livestream, Johnathan “Bellissimoh” Belliss, the product lead for personalization and events at Riot Games, talked about all the new skins coming to League of Legends in 2022. Of course, that meant that some of the game’s most popular themes were making a return. After a three-year absence, Star Guardians will make their highly anticipated return to League of Legends. High Noon and Bee will also be making a return.

Star Guardians

The “Magical Girl” theme skin line has been extremely popular in League of Legends since it first came out in 2015. Starting with just Lux, the Star Guardian skin line currently has 14 different champions represented with more on the way.

The last Star Guardian expansion came in 2019 which debuted a dark side of the universe for the first time. Zoe, Rakan and Xayah were all darker than previous iterations. Neeko, which came out in the 2019 release, also came with a prestige variation of her Star Guardian skin. It is unknown how many new Star Guardian skins will come out in 2022. But based on previous expansions, fans can expect any number in the range of four to five new Star Guardian skins unless Riot deviates away from the previous expansions.

High Noon

High Noon is another skin line that took a break in 2021. After the thematic was revived in 2018 with the release of High Noon Lucian, Thresh and Urgot, fans demanded more from Riot due to the quality of the thematic and design. 2019 saw three more High Noon skins and then in 2020, another two were released. But in 2021 the High Noon thematic took a backseat to let other themes shine. The only new High Noon themed content that came out in 2021 was Teamfight Tactics related. High Noon Squink and the High Noon Saloon were released in the middle of the year.

But in 2022, the skin line is coming back. It is currently unknown which champions or how many will be receiving High Noon skins but more details will be revealed sometime in 2022.


The Bee skin line in League of Legends
Orianna fans will probably bee happy that she is getting a new skin in 2022. | Provided by Riot Games.

Finally there is the Bee thematic, which unlike the other two, had skins come out in 2021. After Beekeeper Signed came out in 2017, Riot Games slowly started to explore the viability of the Bee thematic. Beemo came out in 2018 but it wasn’t until 2021 when Riot Games took a bigger chance with the bee-inspired skin line. In 2021, Riot Games released a trio of Bee skins for Yuumi, Malzahar, and Kog’Maw. These releases generated plenty of buzz and made Riot Games some serious honey. As a result, Riot Games is coming out with even more Bee skins in 2022.

However, unlike the other returning skin lines, there is some news on what champions will get into the hivemind this time around. Orianna will receive a Bee skin in 2022 as her work-in-progress model was shown off in the live stream. The Ball features a cute Queen Bee design with a smaller Bee inside of it.

It’s not known if any more Bee skins will be released. More details will be shown at a later date.

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