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Achieveminds, a new sports agency headed by Sports Psychologist Fabian Broich, was announced today. Broich worked as a performance coach and sports psychologist for teams like Schalke 04 Esports, Origen (now Astralis) and most recently EXCEL Esports.

According to Broich, Achieveminds plans to also consult with players and teams on performance, with an emphasis on player’s physical and mental health, as well as contract negotiations. The agency will stick to League of Legends players, for now, but Broich is not opposed to moving into other esports, or traditional sports, in the future.

“I want to provide different services there, which is performance management, wellbeing management, sleep management, looking at the diet schedules and the performance piece, in addition to the negotiation and contracts for the offseason,” Broich said.

In addition to his four years in esports, the former professional goalkeeper has a background in traditional sports, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Winthrop University and a master’s degree in sports psychology from Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln. Broich also handled player negotiations on the other side of the table for EXCEL in 2020, along with his head of performance duties.

In the organization’s announcement, Broich stated that he had the idea of merging a sports and performance agency in 2013, back when he was finishing up his professional career in Iceland.

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“When I played pro football in Iceland as a 23-year-old, I was left alone and would have loved the support I now can provide to my players and teams,” Broich said. “I have been through a lot during my own athletic career — injuries, setbacks, accomplishments and obstacles — so I can relate to what the players go through.”

His new organization has three stated goals: talent representation, providing organizational performance structure and performance coaching. Broich said that his work with teams will not conflict with his role as an agent for players. This is because he will only work with the organizations on the management side, he said, in order to create key performance indicators and performance structures.

“I’ve been in the scene for four years and I think it’s getting more professional, but teams have to realize that they as organizations have a responsibility on the well being and mental health of the athletes,” Broich said. “And I think if I can provide this while having players and different teams helping them individually, and also sharing what I do with the teams and helping them create performance systems. Hopefully I can leave my mark there.”

Currently, the company is run solely by Broich and other specialists he has contracted. Achieveminds has two partnerships already in place, with German apparel company Engelbert Strauss and supplement company AM Sport.