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Top laner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, jungler Salah “Mirai” Eddine Lmimouni, mid laner Malik “Xoura” Dönmez, bot laner Jakob “Bung” Gramm and support Andreas “Adept” Blikfeldt have reached a verbal agreement with WAVE Esports for 2022, as shared by Esportmaniacos earlier today and corroborated by sources close to Upcomer on Monday.

sOAZ is by far the headline name of the roster. The 27-year old top laner was already playing in season 1. After one year of coaching with LDLC OL in the LFL, he announced his will to return as a pro player on Oct. 22 via Twitter.

The four-time EU LCS/LEC champion had a long offseason as he played tryouts for teams in the LFL, LFL second division and Prime League, sources told Upcomer. But, his destination will be WAVE Esports as he reached a verbal agreement with the team and is expected to sign soon.

The other players making up the WAVE Esports 2022 roster are much newer to League of Legends professional play, even at a European regional level. Mirai, Bung and Adept all played for WAVE Esports already during the Prime League Pro Division 2021 Summer Relegations. They did manage to win against Euronics Gaming, which qualified them back into the German ERL.

Xoura is completely new to professional play and not much is known about him, but it might be interesting to see him on a roster with one of the oldest player still around in sOAZ.

Markus “DeliveryPanda” Appelhoff will be coaching the team as he did last season. He is known for his European Masters 2020 Summer Main Event Finals appearance with his former team, GamerLegion.

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