Sources: SK Gaming Prime sign Phantomles, Seal
SK Gaming Prime

Sources: SK Gaming Prime sign Phantomles, Seal

SK Gaming Prime's summer roster is completed

SK Gaming Prime have signed mid laner Kim “Phantomles” Storm and support Fabian “Seal” de Lint, sources tell Upcomer on Friday.

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Competing in the Prime League, SK’s Academy team will see two changes to its starting roster. Phantomles will be replacing mid laner Sven “Dehaste” Vidović while Seal will take the place of support Patryk “Mystiques” Piórkowski.

Phantomless played for PENTA 1860 in the Prime League already. After joining PENTA in May of 2021, Phantomles had great results in the German European Regional Leagues. They finished second place losing in the summer finals of 2021 against Berlin. However, in 2022 PENTA only managed to finish eighth place. Additionally, PENTA also encountered payment issues, sources told Upcomer. It is unclear if this affected Phantomles’ decision to join SK.

Support Seal will be a rookie coming into European Regional League. He’s coming from the Benelux and spent part of his career there before joining Wizards Club in 2022 and competed in the SuperLiga Second Division. While they did reach playoffs, his team had a third-place finish.

SKP had a seventh-place finish this spring season, a disappointing result for an LEC Academy team..

Those are the only two changes this offseason for SK Gaming in the LEC and Prime League. This means that the full SKP roster will be:

  • Top lane: Alois “Alois” Nelissen
  • Jungler: Edgaras “Eckas” Strazdauskas
  • Mid lane: Kim “Phantomles” Storm
  • Bot lane: Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk
  • Support: Fabian “Seal” de Lint
  • Head coach: Max “Raqo” Temminck
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