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Pau “PochiPoom” Prada will join UCAM Tokiers as the League of Legends Superliga squad’s strategic coach for at least the spring split, sources told Upcomer on Saturday.

PochiPoom is known for being the coach of the former KIYF organization since 2015. In 2018, he became part of ASUS ROG Army, and in 2019 he finished his stint as S2V coach. He was also part of Artic Gaming as manager in 2020.

PochiPoom’s since moved into an individual content creation role. He is known by much of the Spain’s League Of Legends community for his videos on YouTube that are focused on teaching the intricacies of the game.

He has also built up a sizable following on TikTok with versions of those same videos that have gone viral.

PochiPoom also does work as an analyst and host for League of Legends programming. He participates as a talk show host on “Discutiendo Tranquilamente,” a program that focuses on breaking down Spain’s Superliga matchups and the results of the growing League Of Legends region. This program is broadcasted on the channel of Ibai Llanos, an internationally recognized streamer and famous entertainer in Spain who also owns KOI, a League of Legends and VALORANT organization.

PochiPoom joins a UCAM Tokiers team that has struggled throughout the early part of the spring split. The Tokiers are 1-11 and on a four-game losing streak entering Week 7, which will take place from Feb. 21-24. There are only six games left in the spring split for PochiPoom’s new squad to rebound from being a bottom-of-the-table team, with MAD Lions Madrid (2-10) as the only other squad with fewer than five wins so far in the Superliga.

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