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Eintracht Spandau have signed their first player in Patrick “Obsess” Engelmann, a well-known name in the European Regional League, sources told Upcomer today. The German Jungler and his team will play in the Prime League Pro Division.

The brand new organization was founded this year by German Influencer Maximilian “HandOfBlood” Knabe. His own agency INSTINCT3, along with German advertising agency Jung von Matt, have founded this company and claimed a spot for the Prime League. 

According to sources, Obsess is the first player signed with Eintracht, and the team is currently holding tryouts to build around him. One of the names in those tryouts that’s most likely going to end up with this team is Support Olivier “Prime” Payet, who has played several tryouts with the team, according to sources.

In 2019, Obsess won the European Masters Spring tournament with Misfits Premier. In 2020, he played with MOUZ where he won the Prime League Pro Division summer playoffs. Finally, he played this year for Schalke 04 Evolution, where his highest placement with the team was third. By joining Eintracht Spandau, this will be the third year in the Prime League for Obsess.