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Finnish organization NYYRIKKI have reached verbal agreements with their roster to play in the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) Division 1, sources close to Upcomer have confirmed on Sunday. Their 2022 spring roster will be:

  • Top: Petrus “Petoska” Karevaara
  • Jungle: Antonio “de sideré” Dostinov
  • Mid: Emmanuel “Eyhro” N’Goma Diunga Hubert
  • Bot: Alex “Azitor” Kanerva
  • Support: Semih “Abagnale” Bilir
  • Substitute: Ali “Wayzen” Al-Saudi
  • Head coach: Davide “Sotze” Di Guida
  • Coach: Stanimir “Stasko” Ganev
  • Coach: Kristian “Pihla” Tuominen
  • Coach: Emiliano “Emiserra” Serranti

Head coach Sotze has been at the helm since June 2020. Along with Petoska, Azitor and Abagnale, the team won both spring and summer seasons for the Telia Esports Series Finland in 2021 and made playoffs in both subsequent Telia Masters tournaments. NYYRIKKI also qualified for the NLC’s first division together by defeating X7 Esports 3-1. Upcomer recently reported X7’s roster in full.

Jungler de sideré was part of the 2021 spring roster that won TES Finland. He recently played with Atletec in the Ligue Française de League of Legends Division 2 2021 summer and also helped Slovenian team Cyber Wolves qualify for the Esports Balkan League 2022 spring. Eyhro spent 2021 playing for LDLC OL’s academy team, the Tony Parker Adequat Academy, along with top laner Gaëthan “Gaëthan” Baron, who Upcomer reported will play on MAD Lions Madrid in 2022.

Substitute Wayzen also played for NYYRIKKI during the summer season in TES Finland where he helped them win the title and make second in the Telia Masters.

NYYRIKKI are one of the more recognizable Finnish teams in League of Legends. Their name is derived from the Finnish God of the Hunt and they began operations in 2017. They have “competed in many national and international competitions in various esports titles and has also found many successes,” according to their website. Other than their successes in 2021, they were known before as NYYRIKKI White and even managed to qualify for the European Masters 2019 spring play-ins.

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