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LowLandLions, a team that will be participating in the Benelux’s Elite Series in 2022 spring, have reached verbal agreements regarding roster changes, sources told Upcomer.

LowLandLions’ roster next spring will be:

  • Top: Benjamin “Zhergoth” Sánchez
  • Jungle: Marcus “Urban” Urban Christensen
  • Mid: Michael “Mikkel” Nguyen
  • Bot: Charlie “Orre” Orre
  • Support: Love “Bravado” Rapp
  • Coach: Bjorn “Bjorn” Panek
  • Coach: Dylan “TheBash” Lardinois

Zhergoth, Orre and Bjorn worked together most recently on Belgian team Sector One, where they won the Belgian League 2021 summer, qualified for the European Masters 2021 summer play-ins and finished second in the Belgian League 2021 Country Finals. Previously, Orre and Bjorn also worked together on LowLandLions in the Dutch League 2020 summer where Bjorn was the assistant coach. They won the Dutch League that summer and also made the subsequent EU Masters play-ins.

Mid-jungle duo in Mikkel and Urban, as well as Coach TheBash, join LowLandLions from their time on Belgian team KV Mechelen Esports; a team associated with football club K.V. Mechelen. They won the Belgian League in spring 2021 and qualified to the EU Masters. They finished second in summer, but ultimately won the Belgian League 2021 Country Finals.

Support Bravado recently played with German team 404 Multigaming e.V. in the Prime League’s First Division during summer and winter of 2021. He helped them finish first in winter and qualify for the Prime League Pro Division 2021 Summer Relegations. He also played with Orre in Riddle Esports during the Northern League of Legends Championship 2020 Summer Season.

The Elite Series is the result of the merger between the Belgian and Dutch Leagues in the Benelux region, as a result of changes in the European Regional Leagues ecosystem. The Belgian and Dutch Leagues were announced in 2020 as a successor to the once combined Benelux Premier League but, due to changes and standardization introduced in the ERLs for 2022, the Benelux has merged once more.

LowLandLions were one of the four invited teams to participate in the Elite Series Promotion tournament, where they successfully qualified by defeating Team 7AM 3-0.

As an organization, LowLandLions are one of the older names in the Benelux, as they’ve been around since 2007. Formerly known as Defusekids, they disbanded in 2016. But, in 2020, they came back into the scene and rebranded themselves in 2020 under the name they’re known by today. They are also in partnership with Belgian football team K.A.A. Gent.

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