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JL Team, also known as “JobLess,” is building a League Of Legends team led by French influencers. The team have earned a spot in the Ligue Française de League of Legends Division 2 and will compete in 2022, sources told Upcomer on Friday.

Webedia, the company handling the league, went through a recruitment process to fill in the spot left by Team MCES Academy. Many organizations were interested to compete in the LFL Division 2, but JL Team has been selected to enter the league next year.

The spot left open by Team MCES Academy became available due to the demotion of their main team in the Ligue Française de League of Legends, or LFL. The main team finished ninth place at LFL Summer 2021. Following this result, they played in the LFL Promotion 2021, where they didn’t manage to qualify back to the LFL. An organization can’t field two teams in the same league and therefore had to get rid of their academy team.

JL’s rise to prominence

JobLess has been a growing community in France, playing games such as Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5. JL Tomy, an influencer leading the community, has over 165,000 subscribers on YouTube. They are not the first influencers to build an esports team in France, however. In 2020, French influencer Kameto did just that, building Karmine Corp who are now a well known team competing in the LFL. Just like JL Team, Karmine Corp first competed in League of Legends in the LFL Division 2, in 2020.

The JL Team roster will contain jungler Stéphane “Manaty” Dimier and bot laner Manuel “Seelame” Guillou Delair, sources told Upcomer. Both French players have competed in the LFL before. This year, Manaty played for LDLC OL before getting benched in favor of jungler Finn-Lukas “Don Arts” Salomon. Seelame played for IZI Dream for the entirety of 2021.