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League of Legends team Goskilla were recently promoted to the Polish Ultraliga Season 7 and have completed their roster for 2022, according to sources close to Upcomer.

The team’s roster will consist of:

  • Top: Tomas “VeyLot” Čirba
  • Jungle: Radosław “Sh4dowUS” Walkowiak
  • Mid: Silas “Silas” de Jong
  • Bot: Marcus “Baybror” Bay-Smidt Christensen
  • Support: Besmir “iLevi” Jakupi
  • Head coach: Antonio “Kwan” Carbone
  • Coach: Marco “Dagon” Lisotta

According to sources, VeyLot and Baybror are signed on a one-year contract.

Goskilla has generally maintained the core of the roster that helped them qualify to the Ultraliga in October, with the implementation of new rules for the European Regional Leagues that see the league expand from eight to 10 teams. VeyLot, Sh4dowUS, Silas and Kwan have all chosen to re-sign with Goskilla. Head coach Kwan has been at the helm of Goskilla since January, 2021 and will continue to lead the project.

The 18-year old bot laner Baybror joins from the Northern League of Legends Championship circuit, where he most recently played for Nativz in the recent Winter Showdown 2021 Denmark tournament. He also helped them to qualify for the NLC’s second division in the 2022 spring qualifiers.

Support iLevi arrives from the Greek Legends League, where he won both the summer and winter seasons on two different teams. He won the GLL 2021 Summer season with Anorthosis Famagusta Esports and qualified for the European Masters 2021 summer main event. He also won the GLL 2021 Winter season with WLGaming Esports, defeating his former club Anorthosis in the finals 3-1.

Goskilla originally played in the Baltic Masters 2021 season; the European Regional League that consisted of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. As an organization, Goskilla won the Baltic Masters 2021 spring and qualified to the subsequent EU Masters play-ins.

However, due to changes coming to the ERLs in 2022, the Baltics will be formally merging with the Polish Ultraliga for the foreseeable future. Goskilla were one of the two teams that qualified from the ensuing expansion tournament. The second team was Lithuanian outfit Iron Wolves.

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