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Dusty, the only Icelandic organization in the Northern League of Legends Championship First Division, have signed their 2022 NLC roster, sources close to Upcomer confirmed.

Dusty’s 2022 NLC roster is as follows:

  • Top: Cédric “Eyliph” Robert
  • Jungle: Anton “Viking” Andersson
  • Mid: Jonathan “Backlund” Bäcklund
  • Bot: Alexander “Venzer” Kostadinov
  • Support: Gary “FGG” Clarke
  • Head coach: Timotej “Zen” Štempihar
  • General Manager: Brynjar “Bonni” Ólafsson

It is understood that FGG and Zen have reached verbal agreements, and should be close to signing on to complete the full roster.

Eyliph, Viking, Backlund and Head Coach Zen have worked together during the Ligue Française de League of Legends 2020 Summer Season, where they were with Izi Dream and finished fifth. Eyliph joins after playing for LFL team Solary in 2021, helping them finish fourth last summer. Experienced bot laner Venzer signs on with Dusty after spending last summer with Movistar Rider, where they finished top eight at the European Masters 2021 Summer and top four at the Iberian Cup 2021.

Support FGG is a rookie in the European Regional League scene and has limited competitive experience. He played for Resolve Academy in the UK Esports League and the UK League of Legends Championship, as well as Resolve’s main team in the NLC and the NLC 2022 Spring Qualifiers.

Dusty move up to Division One

Dusty were originally going to play in the NLC’s Second Division in 2022, after falling to Resolve 3-2 in the spring qualifiers. But, they bounced back in the Second Division’s qualifiers by defeating AaB Esport 2-1, securing their spot in that Division. However, the NLC has confirmed on Twitter that Dusty were promoted after 00 Nation (formerly Nordavind) withdrew from Division One.

Dusty have been in the NLC since its inception. Founded in March 2019, the Icelandic organization was created “with the goal of establishing a global powerhouse in Esports fueled by exceptional Nordic talent.” North American team Cloud9 partnered with Dusty during their trip to Worlds 2021 in Iceland, where Dusty provided “training facilities, logistics support, promotional services” as per the announcement.

Iceland’s president, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, is apparently a fan of Dusty as well.