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Mehdi “Boukada” Lahlou has reportedly signed with Fnatic Team Queso as a replacement jungler for Fnatic’s LEC academy.  For the moment he will be the substitute jungler for the undefeated team of the Spanish Superliga, sources close to Fnatic Fnatic TQ told Upcomer on Monday.

Boukada to join Fnatic TQ as substitute jungler

At least for the time being, the French jungler will not compete on the starting academy roster and will serve as a replacement in case Magnus “Maxi” Kristensen is called on to play with the main team, or if there are any other outside problems that cause the starter to be unable to play.

Boukada’s history

The French jungler competed in 2021 for Team Monclub Esport, or Team MCES, in La Ligue Français of League of Legends. The team did not have any notable tournament wins during his time on the Team MCES roster. In this 2022 season Boukada signed to the UCAM Tokiers, but after the team’s poor performance and failure to find wins, he was benched and Cantoursna “Nji” An was selected to fill his role in the Murcia organization.

Fnatic TQ is the undefeated team of the Spanish Superliga, with a total of 14 wins and 0 losses, demonstrating a clear superiority in this regular season. The team has already secured Superliga playoffs and their attendance to the EU Masters Spring 2022.

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