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Adam “Random” Grepl, Alex “Myrwn” Villarejo and Víctor “Oscure” Guzmán Fernández will sign with BISONS ECLUB for the 2022 season, sources close to Upcomer confirmed Sunday. This past season, Random was the mid laner for S2V Esports, while Myrwn played as Astralis Stormbringer’s top laner and Oscure was Team Queso’s support.

BISONS is a new organization that will compete for the first time in League of Legends in the first division of the LVP SuperLiga.  The head coach of the team will be Pablo “Marhoder” Menéndez Martínez as previously announced by the team.

Random is a 19-year-old player from the Czech Republic. He was known for playing on eSuba, but it was not until the 2021 summer split that the player arrived in the Spanish league thanks to S2v. S2v was left out of the playoffs, placing seventh, in a tight Superliga.

Oscure, on the other hand, would be one of the necessary Spanish residents the team needs to be able to compete in the Spanish league. The Spanish support competed last season with Team Queso, an organization that is currently teamed up with Fnatic to compete in the league. They placed eighth in the LVP Superliga in the 2021 summer split.

Myrwn has been competing since 2019 and has been with Stormbringer since the organization originally partnered with Astralis, under the name Origen. He helped the team qualify for a 2022 LVP SuperLiga spot in the 2022 spring promotion tournament. Him and his Astralis Stormbringer teammates defeated eMonkeyz 3-0 to qualify into the league.

The the spot Astralis Stormbringer earned has since been bought out by Ibai “Ibai” Llanos and Gerard Piqué Bernabeu for their new esports team.