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Astralis Talent, Astralis’ Academy team, which will play in the Northern League of Legends Championship in 2022,  have reached verbal agreements for their 2022 roster just two days into the free agency period, sources close to Upcomer confirmed on Tuesday. The roster is as follows:

Top: Carl “Carlsen” Ulsted Carlsen

Jungle: Christian “Taxer”  Vendelbo Bylling Jensen

Mid: Chres “Chres” Laursen

Bot: Lars “Chrisberg” Christiansen

Support: Daniel Ernst “Wendelbo” Wendelbo

Head coach: Mikkel “Donby” Donby

Carlsen and head coach Donby have been with the Talent project since its launch in 2020, where they competed in the Telia Esports Series Denmark and the recent Winter Showdown tournament by Leagues.gg. Chres (formerly known as Sencux) is a veteran player within the European scene and comes from his stint on AGO ROGUE, Rogue’s academy team. Taxer enters as the NLC’s defending champion from his time with Tricked Esport, while Chrisberg and Wendelbo also played in the NLC last summer on Nordavind (now rebranded to 00 Nation) and Galaxy Racer Esports, respectively.

Astralis Talent began as a way to “create a recruitment platform and training partner for the A teams, as well as contributing to the development of young talent in a professional setting,” as per the statement on their website, and their academy team was officially Astralis Stormbringers in Spain, which carried on before the Origen League of Legends department was rebranded.

Astralis SB were promoted to the LVP SuperLiga recently, but they announced they would be selling their spot to a new team created by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. Astralis Talent then bought Tricked Esport’s spot in the NLC, which coincides with Fnatic Rising leaving the NLC to play in Spain for 2022.

The NLC will also be seeing changes in the coming months, with the changeover of organizers from DreamHack to Freaks 4U Gaming. They have been running qualifiers for the new Division 1 and 2 formats, which are now complete, that will replace the Telia Esports Leagues and UK League of Legends Championship, as well as the Telia Masters in 2022. Astralis Talent will be playing in Division 1.

Astralis have also recently announced their signing of Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup for the LEC team, which was reported by Upcomer earlier this month.

– Alejandro Gomis, Brieuc Seeger and E.G Kant contributed to this report.

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