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After 100 Thieves picked up a clean win against TSM to kick off Week 5 of the 2022 League of Legends Championship Series summer split, they find themselves in second place in the standings. But oddly enough, when it comes to talk around who the best teams in the league are, 100 are often absent. With discussion centered around Team Liquid Honda, Cloud9 and, of course, Evil Geniuses, 100 bot laner Victor “FBI” Huang feels that there is a chip on 100’s shoulders. Not without reason, either; FBI and 100 Thieves have been the center of a lot of talk lately.

“Honestly I feel like we are pretty disrespected and understandably so,” FBI said. “There are some games where we literally show up and throw the whole game away, but yeah, I think the general sentiment is that we are not that good or that are washed up.”

100 have definitely lacked the energy that propelled them to their first LCS title back in Summer 2021. The team has not looked good lately, especially early on the summer split. The team has dropped expected wins against teams below them in the standings like FlyQuest and Cloud9. This has started to make people forget about 100 as a serious contender, but FBI actually likes that; he said that the team plays better when people doubt them.

“Honestly, I think we do tend to get a bit complacent and unfocused in games that we feel that we should win comfortably and that’s pretty bad,” FBI said. “I don’t think we should disrespect anyone in the league considering we’ve dropped games in embarrassing fashion, we’re working to focus more an each and every game.”

With that said, this is the same exact roster that championed North America at Worlds 2021. Plus, it’s not like the team didn’t perform well in the latest split; they made it to back-to-back finals. But with other teams having flashy roster signings and changes, 100 appear boring in comparison. FBI doesn’t see 100 as boring at all. Heading into their match against the defending champions EG, FBI has a personal vendetta to settle. After all, EG has won the last four games against 100.

“We do really want to shit on EG; I think they’ve been really cocky, and understandably so because they’ve been dominant,” FBI said. “But I just want to knock them down a peg and show [that] they’re not unbeatable.”

Stopping Evil Geniuses starts from the bot lane. EG’s duo of Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme have taken the league by storm; almost mirroring how FBI and Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun came onto the scene. FBI and the rest of 100 Thieves recognize that EG is the team to beat, but he thinks 100’s improvement since last time will make a difference.

“Thinking back to the first game, I felt like we were pretty bad at that time,” FBI said.  “I think just in terms of our team fighting and just pulling the go button, we’ve really improved on that and I’m hoping that we can show that tomorrow.”


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