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Several posts on the r/Dota2 subreddit show that many fans have not gotten a refund for their tickets to The International 10. Valve announced a few weeks before the International 10 that attendees would get refunds for all tickets due to the event canceling in-person attendance.

Fans are struggling to get a refund for International 10 tickets

While it may seem like Valve is to blame for the delayed refunds, it may actually be Entertix, the Romanian ticketing company who Valve hired to distribute the tickets for the event. In an email sent out to ticket buyers, Entertix mentioned that it would take approximately 21 or more business days in order to process the necessary refunds. However, 21 days have passed and some fans have not gotten their refunds back. On the Reddit thread, one of the fans claimed that they were order the sixth person to purchase tickets and their refund has not been processed yet.

The ticket refunds came after Valve decided to cancel in-person attendance of The International 10. A week or so before the group stage was set to begin, Valve made the decision to refund all tickets due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Bucharest, Romania. Fans were forced to cancel all travel plans on short notice and would have to apply in order to get their tickets refunded.

Another testimony on another Reddit post said that they were able to get their tickets back by contacting Entertix through email and making a refund request through the contact email for Entertix at [email protected]

The difficulty of getting refunds is a testament to how difficult it has been to run events during the pandemic. While The International 10 ran smoothly during the duration of the event, there are many fans who are still struggling to get refunds for the activities planned while they were supposed to be in Romania.