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The updates and content look to continue on rolling for COD Mobile as a new leak surfaces. According to a COD Mobile leaks Twitter account, a “sniper only” game mode is arriving soon in the battle royale section. This is something fans have been clamoring for since release, as it brings some added skill to the playing field. Along with the leak, we also received an alleged date for the “sniper only” mode, being Jan. 3. So, if the leak is legitimate, fans won’t have to wait long to play the game mode.

Battle royale introducing “sniper only” mode?

As with all leaks, things are subject to change no matter how set in stone they may appear. The Twitter account that leaked the sniper-only information has been fairly accurate, but Tencent Studios can always pull something right before release.

That said, this leak does look like it will come to fruition. @CODMobileLeaks on Twitter somehow got access to a beta server for battle royale and took a screenshot of the sniper-only mode option.


As you can see, the date says Jan. 3 and the mode is called “Sniper Challenge.” While not a direct description for “snipers only,” this is almost certainly what the description means. It also looks like the mode can be played in Solos, Duos, and Squads since none of the options are blacked out. The same goes for third and first-person mode.

Assuming a sniper-only mode is coming, it will most likely be like a regular battle royale match. Though, instead of a variety of weapons, there will only be snipers and sniper attachments. Tencent could also throw some equipment in the mix to ensure gunfights don’t take forever if neither player can hit a sniper shot.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the news surrounding this leak here at Daily Esports!