Pittsburgh Knights lead the Smite Pro League after Week 1

SMITE's Icon Alexander Lee · 29 Mar 2019


Screenshot via Smite Pro League

The opening week of the Smite Pro League has just come to an end, and the Pittsburgh Knights stand firmly atop the rankings. The Pennsylvania-based team achieved two clean 3-0 victories this week, the first over SK Gaming on Thursday and the second over Spacestation Gaming’s squad earlier today.

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Today’s match against Spacestation exhibited the impeccable play that has put the Knights on track to be one of the SPL’s strongest teams in their inaugural season, with Emil “Emilzy” Nielsen and Kennet “Adapting” Ros making moves as the team’s standout players.

The SPL’s second-place position currently belongs to Dignitas, who defeated Spacestation 3-0 on Thursday. Unfortunately for Spacestation, their two opening-week losses put them underneath SK Gaming at the bottom end of the rankings. Most Smite Pro League teams have not yet seen competition this season, leaving them in the middle of the pack between this week’s winners and losers. Splyce, last year’s Smite World Championship winners, will not compete until week three.

Tune into Smite’s Mixer channel next week to see EUnited and Team RivaL jump into season six.

“It’s just been incredible getting a chance to finally see what these teams have been waiting to show,” said analyst Melissa “TheBestTaco” Posada during today’s SPL stream.

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