The newest SMITE god is the World Serpent from Norse mythology

SMITE's Icon Alexander Lee · 4 Mar 2019


SMITE’s upcoming patch includes the multiplayer battle arena game’s biggest and scariest god yet: Jormungandr, the “World Serpent” of Norse mythological fame. The new god will be released this week, per the developers’ announcement yesterday.

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In-game, Jormungandr is huge, so large that he cannot be moved by knockbacks or crowd control. Instead, he becomes dazed, receiving more damage for a set period. He is capable of becoming invisible by submerging under the ground, where he can move faster and sense enemies within a large radius. When Jormungandr erupts from the ground, he creates an area effect attack, and he can create a toxic cloud by submerging again after he emerges.

The SMITE version of the World Serpent is a departure from the original mythical creature, which according to legend was so large that it could encircle the entire world to bite its own tail. The creature’s size isn’t the only area in which Titan Forge Games took some liberties. In the original legend, Jormungandr resides and moves under the ocean, not underground. But there’s no doubt that the power of SMITE’s new god is not an exaggeration from the original myth. According to the tale of Ragnarök, Jormungandr, the child of Loki, is the villain who finally defeats the god Thor, though their battle results in the serpent’s death as well.

For more information about Jormungandr’s in-game appearance and powers, check out the full patch notes here.

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