Samsora goes topless at Smash’N’Splash 5

Will getting in the water park spirit help the Peach main go all the way?

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Alexander Lee · 31 May 2019


Image via Samsora/Instagram

Top Smash Ultimate pro Ezra “Samsora” Morris is turning heads at Wisconsin major Smash’N’Splash 5 for his unique tournament attire—or lack thereof. The Peach main is currently competing at the combined water park/Smash event wearing only spandex shorts and a pair of flip-flops.

After years as a Smash 4 competitor, Samsora established himself as a top-level player early in the Smash Ultimate metagame, garnering attention for his technical combinations and vehement character loyalty. Since his ascension, he has also developed a reputation as one of the most flamboyant personalities in the Smash scene, thanks to content such as his bafflingly surreal gumbo tutorial at the Smash Ultimate Summit.

Compared to some of Samsora’s past antics, showing up to a water park in a bathing suit is relatively tame. But that didn’t stop attendees’ jaws from dropping when he entered the venue.

Without a shirt, Samsora is unable to promote his sponsor, eUnited, as thoroughly as he has at past events. But eUnited have approved the Louisiana native’s plan to play through the bracket wearing a jersey made of air.

Shirtlessness notwithstanding, Samsora is undoubtedly a contender to win Smash’N’Splash, having achieved top-eight placements at numerous past majors such as Genesis 6 and Pound 2019. Whether his current lack of encumbrance is the buff he needs to top the podium in Wisconsin has yet to be determined. But for now, he is quite literally flexing on the competition.

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