The biggest changes in Smash Ultimate's patch 3.1.0

Top tier picks nerfed and underused favorites buffed.

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Alexander Lee · 31 May 2019


Image via Nintendo

Smash Ultimate’s 3.1.0 patch is live, bringing significant balance adjustments across the board. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest winners and losers.

The buffs

Captain Falcon received the most significant buffs of the patch, with increases to launch distance and attack speed for several of his normal attacks. Additionally, both his Raptor Boost and Falcon Kick specials were changed, making it easier to hit opponents and combo into other moves. Falcon’s infamous forward aerial, Knee Smash, now has a more lenient sweetspot, bringing him closer to his Melee glory.

Lucario is also a bit better now after gaining increased range and power in several aerial and smash attacks. The Pokémon’s multi-hit moves are also easier to combo now, which is a change seen across the whole cast of Ultimate.

Other fighters, such as Rosalina and Diddy Kong, also received notable buffs to their attacks’ strength and speed.

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The nerfs

Top-tier characters took a big L in this patch. Pichu’s hitbox is now much bigger, making it easier for other characters to both combo-kill the Pokémon and defeat him in the neutral game. Additionally, his once-powerful forward tilt is less potent than before, and the amount of damage that Pichu receives while using electric attacks has increased.

Meanwhile, Peach and Daisy received reduced knockback on critical kill moves, like their forward aerial, while their turnip-pulling down special has an increased number of vulnerable frames.

Olimar, another prospective top tier, received nerfs to his recovery and smash attacks.

If you like these changes and want Nintendo to continue providing users with detailed documentation of each update, be sure to head over to the official patch notes and click the “yes” button at the bottom of the page.

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