Report: Rick Fox would stay with Echo Fox if racist investor is removed

Investor's rights may prevent his removal from Vision Venture Partners.

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Michael Hassall · 4 May 2019


Image via Riot Games

Rick Fox has said he would remain affiliated with Echo Fox if they severed all ties with the investor who allegedly made racist remarks toward former CEO Jace Hall, as per a report released by TMZ.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Rick stated he was not one hundred percent set on leaving the company he founded in 2015. In a previous statement, Fox had confirmed he’d be selling his stock to the "first deal that sits well." But today’s report suggests otherwise, with Fox stating “I am not looking to go anywhere, but I will not stay in business with a racist.”

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The news creates the potential for Rick Fox to stay as a prominent member and figurehead of Echo Fox, if the investor, a member of Vision Venture Partners, was no longer a part of the organization.

However, the situation is not so simple for Echo Fox. Fox himself pointed out the investor has certain rights that may prevent his removal from the investment company.

"The unfortunate thing is being a racist in America is not illegal, unfortunately,” Fox told TMZ. “He has his own economic interests and his own rights. So, no one is going to trample on his rights."

In the wake of the new statement, Rick had one final message for the investor accused of racism: “Get help.”

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