Biggest plays from Zain’s first win over Hungrybox since August

Zain continues to be Hungrybox's kryptonite.

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Alexander Lee · 29 Apr 2019


Screenshot via PolarityGG

Last night, Zain Naghmi defeated Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma to win Florida Super Smash Bros. Melee regional Come to Papa 3. The event marked Hungrybox’s first tournament loss since last August, where he was similarly double-eliminated by Zain at Shine 2018.

After defeating Hungrybox 3-2 in a tight winner’s final, Zain held a strong lead throughout the grand final, where he beat his Team Liquid rival 3-1. The key to the Panda Global member’s victory was his extremely consistent application of Marth’s throw-to-pivot-tipper confirms, which he slammed Hungrybox with time and time again.

Another factor behind Zain’s victory was his strong rest punishes, which allowed him to rack up large amounts of damage or even the score entirely thanks to his immaculate tipper spacing.

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That isn’t to say that Hungrybox didn’t have his moments as well. The Jigglypuff main showed off new technology at Come to Papa 3, including the innovative sing edgeguard that he has developed over the past few months.

Unfortunately, Hungrybox’s edgeguarding was generally lacking (thanks in part to Zain’s strong recovery skills), and, during a crucial moment while up a game in the winner’s final, he barely missed a back aerial that would have secured him a two-game lead.

Zain’s victories over Hungrybox were his first over the world number one since August, following a string of frustratingly close losses to Hungrybox over the past year. His joy after hitting the final pivot tipper was made evident by his camera-shaking pop-off.

The next time Hungrybox faces Zain in tournament, the Floridian will have to ensure that he is at his best—if not, Zain may just become Hungrybox’s demon.

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