Smash Ultimate pro rage-quits tournament due to heckling audience member

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Alexander Lee · 18 Mar 2019


Screenshot via Nairo/Twitch

Tri-state regional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament Collision 2019 was struck with controversy yesterday when top player Tyler “Marss” Martins stopped playing during the final game of a tournament set against Justin “Wishes” Magnetti.

Both calling foul play, Marss and Wishes were unable to complete their tournament set for over an hour as tournament organizers deliberated over the best course of action.

The problem began when a particularly rowdy member of the in-venue audience started to loudly call out Marss’ movement options during the middle of the set. During a crucial moment, the audience member yelled at Wishes to perform a Flare Blitz in Marss’s direction. Wishes proceeded to do so successfully, later acknowledging in a now-deleted tweet that he had intentionally followed the audience member’s advice, thinking it would be funny. It wasn't made clear that this tweet was directed at the situation with Marss, however.

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After angrily walking away from the setup, Marss petitioned the tournament organizer to interfere, claiming that the repeated call-outs constituted mid-set coaching, a practice banned under Collision’s ruleset.

According to a twitlonger published by Collision head organizer Riddge “RJ” Mussington, the players managed to come to an agreement after tensions cooled, playing out the final game after recreating the conditions prior to Marss’s exit. In the end, Marss won, going on to take the whole tournament in an exciting grand final matchup against Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada.

As for Wishes, it appears he has no hard feelings after the weekend’s controversial events.

“What we ended up doing was as fair as it could’ve gotten,” tweeted the Pokemon Trainer main.

Update March 3 at 4:20pm PST: Edited for clarity.

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