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Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Call of Duty: Vanguard, have returned from their holiday break. The developers, along with all other Activision studios, were given a break for the holidays, meaning no updates were pushed out for the publisher’s titles. This applied to Vanguard along with Warzone Pacific and fans have a laundry list of issues with both games now that the developers are back in their offices.

In response to this, Sledgehammer has let the community know what they’re working on as 2022 begins. This includes weapon balancing, nerfs to some overpowered aspects of multiplayer and key bug fixes.

Updates coming to Vanguard in early 2022

Sledgehammer didn’t give a date as to when players could expect this first round of updates. Although, they did tease that more information will be given this week. This could be additional details on future updates or the release of the Season 1 Reloaded roadmap, which arrive as soon as next week if previous year’s timelines are followed.

As for what the developers did confirm, players can look below for a complete list of expected changes:

  • Changes to help with the completion of Panzerfaust Challenges
  • Perk adjustments to help counter all things fire
  • A weapon balancing pass (Sniper buffs and Shotgun nerfs)
  • A tweak to Mortar Barrage to reduce duration

All of these are highly requested changes in Vanguard for Sledgehammer to make. The broken Panzerfaust camo challenges have been stopping players from unlocking Atomic camo in multiplayer, the fire grenades in multiplayer currently have no counter and the Mortar Barrage’s long duration are all problems that players have been clamoring over over the holidays.

Finally, snipers and shotguns will receive some long-awaited changes, though it’s not known to what extent yet. These updates could come to Vanguard as soon as this week but some could be reserved for the expected Season 1 Reloaded update. Sledgehammer Games should give another update on the changes later in the week.

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