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Just after some other announcements in the Overwatch League, the Gladiators are picking up a very interesting player. The LA Gladiators have signed Korean flex support Min-seok “skewed” Kim, formerly of OZ Gaming. Despite this player’s track record of low league finishes in Korean contenders, the Gladiators seem to see potential in him. But, after already acquiring two supports earlier this off-season, Skewed seems to be a substitute with a chance to get into the starting roster.

Skewed’s past

Even with Skewed being a young player, he has been in the competitive scene since mid-2019. Playing in contenders trials for Geekstar, he couldn’t help get them into the main Korean contenders league. Even after winning a weekly tournament and coming in second in a monthly afterwards, Skewed improved. This is where Skewed’s best finish in a season happened, helping newly rebranded OZ Gaming win the Korean Open Division practice season. Even with it being a practice season, this landed them a spot in the major Korean contenders league.

Skewed, playing for OZ Gaming.
Skewed, playing for OZ Gaming.

However, this is where Skewed and his team never challenged for the top. They did make it to the quarterfinals their first season, but didn’t qualify for playoffs in the next one. Skewed did show moments of skill on the Ana and Zenyatta, but it’s safe to say that this signing wasn’t under anyone’s radar. The Gladiators have picked up another flex support, but with Skewed, both the team and player need to prove themselves right in this signing.

The Gladiators’ future

Even with Skewed not being the most highly touted prospect in Korean Contenders, it seems that wasn’t what the LA Gladiators were looking for. They already have their starting support duo for next season in Jin-seo “Shu” Kim and Grant “moth” Espe. Now, it’s just a matter of adding depth that can contribute when needed. Skewed is good depth, even if Shu can already play Ana and Zenyatta very well. As we know from last season, nobody knows what will come by and change the league. Adding in a young Korean flex support who can learn from Shu and play when needed is a good pickup.