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The 2019 LCK Summer Split champion is SK Telecom! The team managed to go all the way after their incredible run, which started in week 4 of the LCK Summer Split season. The finals served as a rematch of the Spring Split championship, pitting SK once more against their rivals, Team Griffin.

The leadup to the finals rematch started on Aug 23, with the wildcard match against the Afreeca Freecs. SK’s victory in the wildcard match allowed them to challenge Sandbox Gaming and Damwon Gaming. This finally led them to face off against Team Griffin on Aug 31.

A quick breakdown of the series

The team of SK Telecom managed to sweep the first two games in the series. The third game, however, was much closer between the two teams. It ended in a victory for Team Griffin with a pick on Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, the top laner of SK telecom. The pick happened while playing around the second baron of the game. In the fourth game of the series, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok pulled out his Azir to end the series. Faker’s Azir, which remained undefeated throughout the entire Summer Split, has been played a total of 9 times.

SK Telecom’s history in League of Legends

SK Telecom’s LoL history is perhaps the most impressive of any team out there. So far, SK Telecom is the only organization to have won three world championships. The teams representing SK Telecom won the world championship in 2013 and 2015. They also managed to defend their title in 2016, making them the first-ever back-to-back world champions.

Besides this unmatched achievement, SK Telecom is also the only team in League of Legends history to claim the unofficial “triple crown” in May of 2016. The triple crown of LCK means they held the title of World Champion, MSI Champion, and IEM champion at the same point in time. However, these titles were obtained in different League of Legends seasons.

On top of this highly impressive list of achievements, this victory means SK has obtained its 8th LCK split title. This achievement is even more impressive when you realize this is only the 18th season of League of Legends Korea ever.

Highlights of the SK Telecom vs Griffin finals rematch

The final between SK Telecom and team Griffin was a feat to watch. Some of the most exciting aspects of the game include Lee “Effort” Sang-ho, the support of SK Telecom, somehow taking down the baron. This was while a massive teamfight was ongoing, with the top laner of SK Telecom, Khan, trying to end game 2.

Another highlight was a fight between two of Korea’s best Mid-laners. SK’s Faker, on Akali, matched up against Griffin’s Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon on the Sylas.

For more of League of Legends, be sure to check out the possible leak of League of Legends coming to mobile. For those who want to see the LCK summer split finals for themselves, you can watch the games on the LoL Esports website.