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SK Gaming’s support player Erik “Treatz” Wessén swapped roles from support to jungle for the upcoming Summer Split. After a sixth-place finish in the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split, SK Gaming look to improve with the roster decision as Treatz decided to swap roles.

Treatz and his swap to jungle

As a long-time academy support prospect, Treatz has exploded over the last year. After a stint playing for TSM Academy, his promotion to the main roster was key in a few TSM wins in the LCS last summer. He proved his skills as a support players last year, primarily on Rakan, Threash and Alistar. But after winning with TSM, his time on their team was short. After four months on the main TSM roster, the organization released him to SK Gaming. He announced his return to Europe and the LEC, joining SK Gaming. However, this new swap to the jungle is surprising, to say the least. Along with former coach Jesse “Jesiz” Le becoming the new support for the team, SK Gaming is making some big changes.

This isn’t a permanent change for the roster, or for Treatz in particular. He confirmed in his tweet announcing the role change that him playing jungle is not permanent.

“This is not a roleswap I intend to commit to long term.” He said.

With the time constraints, the team wasn’t able to get a proper jungle replacement for Kristian “TynX” Hansen. This left SK Gaming in search of a replacement within their organization, and Treatz offered to play the role. He admits to the potential risks of this situation, as well as sympathizes with his teammate TynX. With how SK Gaming played during the Spring Split playoffs, the team felt changes needed to be made. Fans will have to wait and see if Treatz in the jungle and Jesiz on support is the change SK Gaming need.

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