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SirActionSlacks & GoDz join AMD Dota 2 Pro Series in Melbourne

Two of the biggest Dota 2 stars are coming to Melbourne, Australia for the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series. Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner and David “GoDz” Parker have just been announced as hosts to the event. SirActionSlacks will take the stage and GoDz will call all the action. These two guys bring the humor, experience, and knowledge to the Australian Dota 2 scene. The AMD Pro Series is so very lucky to have them in Melbourne for the tournament.

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A player himself, Slacks began his Dota career after his 2013 YouTube video went viral. From there he became a beloved Dota personality. Producing more YouTube videos, streaming on Twitch, and hosting tons of international events. ESL One, The International, and plenty of Majors are on his resume. Known for his comedic behavior, Slacks is much loved throughout the Dota 2 community. Slacks will be hosting all the stage action over the two days of the tournament.


Originally from Australia, the Aussies are super happy to have him back. An accomplished caster, GoDz has also added plenty of Majors and a number of The Internationals to his resume. He’s probably best known for his involvement in Beyond the Summit as it’s founder.  Recently, he came back to Melbourne to cast the finals of the AEF Dota 2 Season 4 Championship. He’s a very down to earth Aussie and has done a lot of work promoting esports throughout the continent. GoDz enjoys coming back to his home country and continues to help drive esports in Australia.

AMD Dota 2 Pro Series

The inaugural series will take place on Dec 8 and 9. AMD is the official presenting partner. The prize pool still stands at AU$50,000 and Mineski are the first international invite, with a second on the way soon. Tickets are already on sale. The tournament is set to be one of the biggest showdowns in Australian Dota 2 history. If you’re not in Melbourne for the event, you can catch all the action live on Twitch.

[Disclaimer: the author will be joining SirActionSlacks on stage as the co-host. I’m humbled to be working alongside such an all-star lineup]

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