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Following a leak by Mexico’s Overwatch World Cup Twitter, info and speculation has been flooding the Overwatch community. We break down everything so far on “Sigma,” and why he’s believed to be Overwatch‘s “Hero 31.”

The first leak

Sigma: Everything we know about Overwatch 'Hero 31' so far
Courtesy of Team Mexico

It seemed innocent at first. Following Blizzard’s announcement of role queue, Team Mexico released some early access screens of the new UI. It didn’t take long for users to notice the hero at the top of the account’s playtime, “Sigma.” JumpyWizard is known to be an account used by Blizzard for testing, adding further credence to the story, but most outlets dismissed it.

Jeff Kaplan featured on popular streamer Brandon “Seagull” Larned’s stream not long after. While reading chat he remarked, “Who’s Sigma? That’s a good question.” Acknowledgement of the leak?


Speculation immediately mounted across the community. Who is Sigma? What kind of hero will he be? The obvious suspect for investigation was “Sigma Bot Couture.” Sigma (the company) is a fictional fashion brand sparingly featured across Overwatch‘s maps and lore.

Reddit user u/Karahe put together a full list of references along with speculation on possible Greek origins for the character. Another user, u/ryanleichty, explored a possible link with the Storm Rising event. A mysterious omnic was featured at the end of the event. Many believe it could be a future hero, possibly Sigma.


Blizzard essentially confirmed Sigma to be the new hero with a teaser earlier today. The Greek letter sigma in upper case (Σ) is prominently featured on a uniform. Somber classical music briefly plays before alarms begin blaring.

So far all we know for sure is that Hero 31 is called Sigma and has an association with omnics and music. More is undoubtedly yet to come.

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