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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has given his thoughts on his stream on Mixer about Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), and Valorant. He also shared his thoughts on the rumors surrounding a possible Source 2 engine update to hit CSGO.

Valve updates to CSGO

We’ve seen multiple updates to CSGO in recent years including different operations, a battle royale mode, character models, maps, and a free-to-play model. Despite that, Valve has been notoriously ignoring major overhauls such as 128-tick servers, something that casual players and professionals have wanted for a long time.

Shroud gave his thoughts during his stream on Mixer when asked about Valorant pushing Valve to release CSGO updates. We’ve already suspected that the timing of one of CSGO‘s latest updates, which includes an SG 553 nerf, was no coincidence.

About that, Shroud said: “Valve is so smart, dude. They know that CSGO is their baby and they know that they had no competition for years and they did nothing for years. The second a Valorant beta, closed beta, comes out, they start pumping updates.”

Shroud definitely thinks that the timing of the recent updates to CSGO is not a coincidence. From his response it can be deduced that he believes that Valve sees Riot Games’ Valorant as a potential competitor. And it is no wonder, as Valorant has quite similar game mechanics to CSGO.

Source 2 update to counter Valorant?

Shroud took it a step further and suggested a possible Source 2 engine update to CSGO. He referenced, as we suspect, his friend and ex-teammate from Cloud9, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham: “Tyler told me that he thinks that this summer Source 2 is gonna come out and CSGO is gonna go through a huge overhaul. And that would make sense because Valorant plans to come out in summer, right?”

There have been Source 2 rumors circling around the internet recently. Valve’s Source 2 engine is used for a few games now, including Dota 2 and Half-Life: AlyxCSGO is currently running on the first Source engine. According to Shroud and Tyler, the update would make sense to counter the much-hyped title from Riot Games. Nevertheless, this is just speculation.

Shroud continued to emphasize how smart Valve is with their updates by adding the following:

Valve is so smart, they only update, they only do sh*t when they only have to. For years and years and years Counter-Strike was just smooth sailing, no competition. Now that there’s competition, woo, they’re making updates. That’s good. I like that because we’ll see something new in Counter-Strike, which is cool.

You can check out Shroud’s comments at the beginning of his YouTube video.

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