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Modern Warfare will become the first Call of Duty to be played in a franchised league starting in 2020. The Call of Duty League (CDL) kicks off Jan 24, 2020, when 12 organizations will go head-to-head in Modern Warfare.

Since this is the first season of the CDL, many fans feel that some celebration is in order. Though we’ve heard nothing of the sort from Activision or Infinity Ward, the community came up with ideas on how to properly kick off the new league. There are many ideas out there, but the most popular one involves implementing some CDL team weapon camos into Modern Warfare.

CDL weapon camo concepts in Modern Warfare

As each CDL team’s branding was announced, one graphic designer on Twitter put his talents to use by designing a weapon camo for each team. @vLionMan may be known for his unique Call of Duty trading cards, but his weapon camo concepts are quite popular among fans.

Using an M4A1 as a template, vLionMan designed a camo for each of the 12 CDL teams. In some cases, he even animated the camo, giving them a futuristic touch. Below you can see a couple of his concepts based on the New York Subliners and L.A. Guerillas.

Modern Warfare weapon camos
Credit to @vLionMan on Twitter for the image
Modern Warfare weapon camos
Credit to @vLionMan on Twitter for the image

The designs for each individual team look simply incredible. However, this great work does raise some concerns. If a freelance graphic designer can make such terrific camos, why can’t Infinity Ward? The ability to design a camo of this nature is obviously present, as vLionMan demonstrates time and time again.

Along with vLionMan, the Seattle Surge even designed their own package of Surge-inspired cosmetics. It appears all of the tools are there for Infinity Ward to design these types of items for Modern Warfare. Perhaps Activision is holding them back, but unfortunately, we’ll never know.

Modern Warfare camos

We haven’t seen professional Call of Duty team camos since WWII. Of course, those were introduced late in the year. If Activision and Infinity Ward are serious about bringing Call of Duty esports to the forefront, though, implementing some team weapon camos would be a great start. Many other major esport titles feature some kind of weapon camo for the competing teams, after all.

Should Modern Warfare have team camos? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Call of Duty coverage.