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The topic skill-based matchmaking has been touched upon enough over the duration of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Fans don’t like the feature but Activision sees too much data that suggests SBMM is more of a benefit than not. While nothing is proven so far, it’s pretty undeniable that the matchmaking takes skill level into account rather heavily. For casual playlists, most players agree this isn’t ideal. Although, it could be if Treyarch would implement a simple feature like ranked icons.

Rewards in Black Ops Cold War casual playlists

One of the main reasons players enjoy Ranked Play so much in Call of Duty is the reward you get for your efforts. You’re placed with opponents of similar skill level in lobbies and this requires you to “sweat” more than usual. However, all of this is worth it when you see your rank go up and you unlock various rewards based on that rank.

Well, casual playlists don’t really feature anything like that. Sure, you have a level of some kind but that really only signifies how much you play the game. Because of this, players feel jibbed when skill-based matchmaking is implemented into casual modes. There’s simply no reward for trying so hard against players of your skill level.

black ops cold war multiplayer open beta ranked
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Of course, this could be changed with a move by Treyarch. Like the old days of Halo, Black Ops Cold War could feature some kind of skill-level ranked progression system in casual playlists. This would give players a reason to want to play and be matched up against enemies who are on their level.

Some pretty big names in the community would love to see something like this added. It would offer another reward system in Black Ops Cold War and give players a reason to play the game.

There’s no telling if Treyarch would even consider adding something like this. The developers or Activision haven’t even publicly confirmed the existence of SBMM. Installing a ranked system into casuals would pretty much confirm it, so it’s unclear if that’s an action they’re willing to take. However, it would make the community rather happy and excited to play public matches.

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