Shopify Rebellion announce signing of former Moon Raccoons Black roster
Shopify Rebellion sign Moon Raccoons Black roster
Provided by Shopify Rebellion

Shopify Rebellion announce signing of former Moon Raccoons Black roster

The women's roster now has a home
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The Former Moon Raccoons Black roster, who recently competed under the Built Butter moniker, has signed with Shopify Rebellion, the organization announced. The team consists of the five players from Built Butter, new recruit Kiana “KP” Lytle and coach Kevin “Lelicious” Le. This is the first team that the players have signed to play for professionally in their careers. The team recently placed second in the Super Girl Gamer Pro tournament, as well as placing first at V1sionaries.

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The Shopify Rebellion roster is as follows:

  • Kayla “flowerful” Horton
  • Diana “diana” Zhang
  • Vannesa “panini” Emory
  • Han “it not han” Nguyen
  • Lorrian “Lorri” Elad
  • Kiana “KP” Lytle

According to Lelicious, the team wanted to stay together and the Shopify Rebellion camp was more than willing to sign them and help grow the women’s VALORANT community.

“All they had to say was, ‘we want to promote and push marginalized genders in Esports’ and that was enough to sell their pitch to me,” Lelicious said.

Shopify Rebellion’s new roster, formerly Built Butter and Moon Raccoons Black

Before signing with Shopify Rebellion and Moon Raccoons Black, the core of this roster competed under the name Built Butter. The team competed in various women’s tournaments and became Moon Raccoons Black in March of 2021 with the pick up of diana. Under the amateur banner of Moon Raccoons, the squad competed in the first installment of the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers tournament.

The team breezed through the qualifying stage and made some noise at the main event. They took down CLG Red and placed in the top four at the event, losing to Cloud9 White and CLG Red in their rematch. Later, the team broke off from the Moon Raccoons brand and renamed themselves as Built Butter.

As the new Built Butter, the team teased their new signing while competing in various events. Aside from Super Girl Gamer Pro and V1sionary events, they also competed in the Pittsburg Knights Sakura Cup. In this event, they placed third, losing to TSM in the lower bracket finals. Since the addition of KP, the team has filtered various players through the starting lineup.

Now, as Shopify Rebellion, the former Moon Raccoons Black roster will compete in the upcoming Game Changers event with qualifiers starting on June 19.

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