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It’s the mid-point of Season 4 in Call of Duty: Warzone, and that means the Reloaded update has come through. Raven Software released all of the details on Wednesday about several new features coming to Warzone. The developers also revealed the buffs and nerfs that are arriving with the update, both for weapons and other gameplay items. While the weapon balancing changes are the highlight of the update in Warzone, some fans will also be overjoyed to see a nerf come through for the Serpentine perk.

Serpentine has been a controversial addition in Warzone, as it makes players extremely difficult to kill. However, after Wednesday, players running Serpentine won’t be nearly as powerful.

The Serpentine perk allows players that are sprinting to receive a 20% damage reduction from bullets, fire and explosives. This is quite powerful in this state, as players have to put one or two extra bullets into Serpentine users to kill them. Because of the perk’s powerful nature, Raven Software decided to nerf Serpentine in Season 4 Reloaded of Warzone.

Season 4 Reloaded of Warzone nerfs Serpentine

As noted in Raven’s new blog post about the Season 4 Reloaded update, Serpentine has received a small nerf. From now on, Serpentine’s damage reduction is 15% instead of 20%. While this might not seem like a huge change, it could have big ramifications. Players now have to put fewer bullets into an enemy to kill them if they’re running the perk.

However, it still might not be enough to balance Serpentine with the other perks in Warzone. If this is the case, then the developers will likely go back to the drawing board and continue to nerf Serpentine’s damage reduction until it’s more on par with what players want.

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